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Posted By Cohen Family Law | September 1 2022 | Child Support

What Happens When a Child Refuses Visitation?

When the courts determine child custody in Washington, they always do what is best for the child. A child’s best interest is the number one determining factor in custody and visitation decisions. Unfortunately, the child involved does not always agree with the courts. Sometimes, a child or teenager refuses to see a noncustodial parent. Here’s…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | July 3 2022 | Child Support

What Is Considered Income When Deciding Child Support?

If your divorce involves children, you will need to deal with the issue of child support. Child support is a court order requiring one parent to pay the other post-divorce to help cover childcare costs. The courts order child support because they believe that a child should enjoy the same standard of living that he…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | May 3 2022 | Child Support

Emergency Child Custody in Washington

If you require emergency assistance with a child custody matter, contact our office immediately at (360) 953-5000. We can help you file for an ex parte emergency child custody order in Washington right away. Emergency child custody is a temporary order that is granted by a judge if there is evidence that a child is…

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