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Posted By Cohen Family Law | January 15 2023 | Child Support

How Child Support is Calculated in Washington State

Parents have a moral obligation and a legal duty to support their children. Washington state courts set child support so that the needs of the children are met. If you are required to pay child support, or if you are a custodial parent wondering how the process works and how the amount of child support…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | September 1 2022 | Child Support

What Happens When a Child Refuses Visitation?

When the courts determine child custody in Washington, they always do what is best for the child. A child’s best interest is the number one determining factor in custody and visitation decisions. Unfortunately, the child involved does not always agree with the courts. Sometimes, a child or teenager refuses to see a noncustodial parent. Here’s…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | July 3 2022 | Child Support

What Is Considered Income When Deciding Child Support?

If your divorce involves children, you will need to deal with the issue of child support. Child support is a court order requiring one parent to pay the other post-divorce to help cover childcare costs. The courts order child support because they believe that a child should enjoy the same standard of living that he…

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