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Posted By Legal Team | November 10 2022 | Divorce

How Can I Protect My Business During a Divorce?

Divorce is almost always difficult and dividing property can be among the most contentious of issues.  When a successful business is involved, however, it can be even more so.  It can be difficult, or nearly impossible, to separate business from personal matters when the subject is the business you nurtured over the years to become…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | September 3 2022 | Child Custody

How Washington Determines Child Custody

Child custody is often the most stressful part of a divorce for parents. Knowing how Washington typically determines child custody can help give you more peace of mind as you begin this legal process. It can prevent unwelcome surprises during your custody case, as well as help you decide if you need to hire a…

Posted By Cohen Family Law | September 1 2022 | Child Support

What Happens When a Child Refuses Visitation?

When the courts determine child custody in Washington, they always do what is best for the child. A child’s best interest is the number one determining factor in custody and visitation decisions. Unfortunately, the child involved does not always agree with the courts. Sometimes, a child or teenager refuses to see a noncustodial parent. Here’s…

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