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Posted By Legal Team | April 12 2022 | Child Support, Divorce, Spousal Support

How to Get Sole Custody in Washington

Sole custody is relatively rare in a divorce case in Washington, as the courts generally believe that it is in a child’s best interest to remain in contact with both parents after a divorce. However, the courts may grant a sole custody request if there is a good reason, such as if the child would…

Posted By Legal Team | April 5 2022 | Divorce, Spousal Support

What Is Marital Property?

If you are considering a divorce, one of the primary issues that you will need to solve is property division. Washington’s marital property laws follow a community property system, unlike most other states that use equitable division laws. This means that all of your marital property is subject to being split in half with your…

Posted By Legal Team | March 23 2022 | Child Support

What Are My Rights as a Stepparent?

Stepparents play important roles in the lives of their stepchildren. It is no easy task to marry into an established family and try to take over the role of parent. In Washington, the courts recognize certain legal rights that stepparents have by law after marriage. While these rights are typically limited to what the legal…

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