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Posted By 1p21.content | July 4 2022 | Divorce

What Is a Nesting Agreement?

In a divorce with children, there are many different options for a child custody arrangement. What works for one family might not work for another. In Washington, parents first have the chance to create their own parenting time plan before the matter is given to a judge. To find the plan that works for your…

Posted By 1p21.content | July 3 2022 | Child Support

What Is Considered Income When Deciding Child Support?

If your divorce involves children, you will need to deal with the issue of child support. Child support is a court order requiring one parent to pay the other post-divorce to help cover childcare costs. The courts order child support because they believe that a child should enjoy the same standard of living that he…

Posted By 1p21.content | June 5 2022 | Divorce

What Is Bifurcation in Divorce?

Getting divorced is not something that can be done quickly. The fastest you can get divorced in Washington is 90 days, as this is the mandatory waiting period. However, most divorce cases take much longer, as the couple needs to work out all of the terms of the divorce or go to trial. If there…

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